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Texting Trouble

Posted in Random Rolls with tags , , on April 28, 2010 by Cassie

When did texting replace spoken word?

I’m playing ODST with my brother, working on the co-op campaign, and every two minutes or so he stops (not pauses) to read and answer a text.  This means that we spend most of our time apart (in game and in RL), which is dangerous territory.  Either I happen upon some enemies without the knowledge that I’m alone, or some enemies happen upon him and I’m halfway across the map.  One of us battles alone while the other makes a mad dash to help the other.  This is co-op, so why are we playing alone?

That’s the first thing.

We went to a local flea market to scout some new games and he started talking about Pure Pwnage (of and the latest episode to come on TV.  He mentioned his favourite part, which I responded to.  I began to elaborate and tell him about my favourite part, when I turned around to find him about 30 feet behind me.  Texting.

When he realized I was so far ahead he continued walking.  He tried to pass it off by saying he zoned out for a minute and that he was tired. 

I let it go, but it’s still bothering me.

He CHOSE his phone over me.  If he had said that he had to answer a text I would have understood.  I certainly could have avoided strolling through the flea market talking to myself.

I don’t own a cell phone, and for goodness’ sake this program doesn’t even recognize “texting” as a word yet!  Is it too much to ask for a little curtisy?

Am I being too sensitive?  Maybe I should start texting…maybe then I’ll be able to carry out a conversation.