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Gold-Titanium Alloy Man

Posted in Random Rolls with tags , , , on May 14, 2010 by Cassie

I finally saw Iron Man 2. 

As a long time fan of Iron Man, spending years collecting comic books, having an Iron Man bobblehead (lovingly named L’il Tony) as the focal point of one of my shelfs, having his image as my laptop wallpaper many times over, I can say that except for one 2 second point in this film I was completely satisfied.  I call that a success.

Robert Downey Jr. conveyed everything I would expect from Tony Stark, but also effectively brought in the subtleties that you only pick up in the comics every once in awhile.  Gwnyth Paltrow was excellent as Pepper, she and Downey Jr.  have the right chemistry for the two characters.  Well done, Marvel!

I. Am. Iron Man.

It was amazing how great I felt leaving that movie.  I was content and my head was clear.  I had a lot of fun.  It was a little depressing to think of how long it took me to get to the theatre to see it, but sometimes the wait is worth it.  L’il Tony is nodding in approval, just in case you were curious.

My Dad took me to see it.  We had a card that gave us two tickets, two popcorns and two drinks all for very cheap.  We saved money and got to hang out.  We sat through the entire credits.  It was so much fun.  Family time and Iron Man…it seems it’s all I needed to recharge my batteries.


Maybe Next Time…

Posted in Random Rolls with tags , on May 8, 2010 by Cassie

Well…Iron Man 2 didn’t happen.  I gave the tickets away.

I bought the tickets weeks ago for my brother and I, but the night before he asked if a friend could come along, so I gave him the tickets to go with his friend.  Just the two of them.

I was fine with this until questioned on it…but I had my reasons!  What teenager wants his older sister tagging along?  If he would rather go with his friends, which he should, then who am I to stop him?  I would hate to go see the movie with him knowing he’d rather go with someone else.

Iron Man IS my favourite super hero, and I HAVE been waiting for this movie for months, but I can just go see it next week.  What’s another few days added to months?  It’ll be cheaper that way anyway. 

Instead, I rented “Defendor”…

It was a little more pensive than I expected, but that was not a bad thing at all.  I liked this movie a lot.  I may do a full review later, we’ll see.

Also, notice my first video post on this blog.  I’m really moving up in the world!