One Year Later

I just realized that yesterday was my one year anniversary on this site.  And a year ago I would have said you were crazy if you told me about it.

This year I:

1.  I started a blog, and kept it up.  That’s a big step for me.  I thought I’d chicken out about actually posting here, but I pulled through and did it anyway. 

2.  I had actual people actually read the blog.  I never really expected it, but now I get actual views.  Sometimes up in the 20s.  Yeah, ha ha.  I know it’s not many, but for me it is.  And I appreciate every single one.  I wish you guys would comment more so I know who you are.

3.  I had friends from across the country come stay with me and the family for two weeks, which was amazing fun, even if my illness did pop up only a few days after they arrived.

4.  I got sick.  I currently have Lyme disease and a B12 deficiency.  Who would have called that?  Not me.  I felt that I was sick for a long time before it actually happened, but I thought I just needed a break from my job.  Turns out I did, I’m convinced that staying there aggravated things.

5.  I quit my job.  It was a good job, but the hours were far too many and the pay too low.  Most of my time there ended up being on a volunteer basis.  Still, I learned a lot and I’ll always cherish it.  Unfortunately I’m still unable to work.

6.  I took a year off school.  It made no sense to go to class if I couldn’t pay attention.  Still, I’m glad I tried.

7.  I learned the value of emergency savings.  I must be one of very few 23 (well 22 when I got sick) year olds who set up an emergency savings fund for in case I couldn’t work.  And it has super come in handy.  It wouldn’t have stretched this far without my amazing parents though, and I haven’t forgotten that either.

8.  I learned who my friends are.  Be they online or in real life, I have found out who is my friend and who is a person I see occasionally when they have a second.  Two of my online friends gifted me games, and all of my online friends have been a huge support while I’m sick.  I’ve also become closer with many of my aunts and with my grandparents. 

Not bad for one year.  Thanks to all of you guys for reading, I hope you stick around  to see what happens next.

Cheers!  –Cassie.


One Response to “One Year Later”

  1. Happy anniversary, Cassie! Congrats on sticking with the blog for a whole year. Keep on going. 🙂

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