Home Alone -or- How I Watched Christmas Movies in March

A few weeks ago a kids station in my area ran a Home Alone marathon.  Think about that, three weeks ago there was a Home Alone marathon.


What were you THINKING!?

At first I laughed.  Why on earth would you run a marathon of classic Christmas films in the middle of March?  The marathon included the third one, which I don’t count…but also the first and second, which are awesome.  “Hahaha”, I thought, “You’re a little late”.

So tell me, what prompted you to air a classic Christmas film in March?

But over the weeks I’ve been thinking about the adventures of young Kevin McCallister and his dabblings in the competitive field of crime prevention which I usually reserve for the period from December 15th to January 6th, and I’ve worked myself into a lather.  I love these movies.  Love them.  They’re always on my list every year.  Kevin’s Christmas tradition of foiling the plot of the same two bad guys while simultaneously inspiring and changing the outlook of some downtrodden elderly person has become a Christmas tradition for me.  Yet only four months later, I have to watch this film. 

Those few moments I caught while flicking channels was enough to arouse my Home Alone appetite to full force.  I not only want to watch those movies, I almost have to.  So I’m sorry to say I may have to break Christmas tradition and watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do!  The fact that they take place during Christmas is incidental right?  RIGHT!?

Maybe that’s what I’ll do with my day.


No, Kevin, NO!  I’m Sorrrrryyyyy!


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