My Pokemans!

Let me talk about them.

So today is the release of the newest Pokemon twins.  Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.  This marks, in North America, 18 traditional-style Pokemon games.  This number doesn’t, of course, include the peripheral games such as Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium or anything ever released outside of Canada and the US.  For a closer look at how these games work I suggest you check out Sam Smith’s article over at Games’n’Shit.  As for me, this new release has me reminiscing.

In North America alone the original games, Pokemons Red and Blue, have spawned one of the biggest and most long-term sensations in my memory.  There’s a trading card game, books, toys, comics, a TV series and even movies.   And yes, even a rap:

To this day, one of the saddest movie moments I can think of was when Ash (the protagonist) stepped between two warring Pokemon, sacrificing himself in the hope of bringing peace to the strange little creatures.  Seeing his offering, the Pokemon stop fighting and then their tears bring Ash back to life.  That scene is right up there with the Seymour episode of Futurama.

I was never a big trader in the card game, mostly because I don’t have the brain for the game.   I still collected a few, and my siblings were big into it.  Like Sam Smith (over at Games’n’Shit)  I had a fancy binder with card pages to keep them nice and clean.  As I got a little older I realized that I was wasting those poor cards, and gave them to my brother.  I still have my Oddish card and my Charmander foil card.

Well that's just adorable.

As for the games, the only one I have every personally owned is Pokemon Red.  I’ve played all of them, but Red has always had a special place in my heart.  When I was young and the games were first released I played through Red from start to finish.  Charmander was my homeboy.  I had him on my team for the whole game and we had a blast.  Then my precious Red was lost in a move.  I never saw it again that I know of.  A few years ago, for my 21st birthday, my totally awesome younger brother gave to me a Pokemon Gameboy in the box.  The Pokemon Gameboy was a Gameboy Colour with a special Pokemon casing. 

Ain't She a Beaut?

Originally this handheld came with Pokemon Yellow…or as I like to call it: Pokemon: Pikachu.  Mine came with a brand new copy of Pokemon Red.  I couldn’t have been happier.  Since writing this originally I’ve been speaking with said brother…apparently my first copy of Pokemon Red went in a trade to my younger cousin, so apparently I did see it after I lost it.  Please don’t ask what was obtained in our end of the trade.  I just hope he had as much fun with it as I did.  I’m now on the second playthrough on my second copy of the game.  I still go with Charmander because, comon, who else are you going to choose?  With Charmander by my side I swept across that virutal countryside catching animals and storing them in deposit boxes all over.  Hey, you gotta catch ’em all right?

I highly recommend you look up that song in other languages too.

Pokemon has been a big part of both my gaming and regular life.  A quick tour around the internet shows that it’s the same for a lot of people.  We love you Pokemon.

I’ll be waiting for a price drop or until my brother finishes his copy.  For those of you who are getting it now, have fun!

Good hunting!  –Cassie


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