Fair-Weather Friend?

Sorry for the delay everyone, even if I had internet over the past days I haven’t been well enough to type.

I have a friend.  She’s one of my best.  But she’s been bothering me lately.

Last week she was supposed to come to visit me.  I haven’t seen her  since I got sick, which means…eight months.  I haven’t seen her for eight months.  I can’t leave the house and she’s currently trying to support herself  working two jobs and going to school.  So last week I peeled myself out of bed and got ready for her to come over, only to find (using a stolen internet connection) a message from her saying that she wasn’t coming.  She wasn’t coming because her two was sore.  She thinks it was maybe a sprain.

Am I wrong to be a little annoyed here?  It seems like a lame excuse to me.

Regardless, the week that followed was one of the worst I’ve had since I’m sick, but managed to check my online messages most days.  I got messages from her complaining that I wasn’t online to chat on a daily basis.  I replied with simply “I’m not feeling well this week, I’ll call as soon as I can.”, then I got more messages asking me what was up, when would I be back online etc, etc…I just said that I was sorry, but really didn’t have the head for conversation, and I assured her I’d call when I felt up to it.

Then I got a message.  The message said:  “Alright, well give me a call when you’re feeling a little less curt.”

Curt?  I should have just ignored her messages.  I know that curt can mean brief, but who uses it to mean that these days?  On the one hand I’m feeling…off…about this, but on the other hand, maybe I’m just sensitive because I’m not well.  But she could have said “feeling better” or something like that.

As you can see, I’m conflicted about this…which is very annoying because my head is still cloudy most of the time. 

I just don’t want to spend my well time worrying about someone who is supposed to be my best friend.  I don’t know…


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