My Antique Store Adventure

Yesterday my Dad took me for a drive to get me out of the house, and we ended up stopping at this awesome antique place.  It was at a charming old homestead, with the shop set up in an old barn that has no heat, and only a few lights.  The owners sit in their house and watch for potential customers, and came strolling out of the house in full winter gear when we came poking around.

There were so many awesome things there, my favourites being the books.  There were old tea sets and dishes and cabinets and this really cool pilot helmet.  He had old jewelry, knives, coins, old medicine bottles.  It was amazing.  Then we went upstairs.  The upper level of the barn was filled with furniture, there were some amazing old couches and chairs.  They’d be right at some in some of the old houses in the area.  A lot of the stuff there was over a hundred years old.

Being on a tight budget, I chose one thing, a book.  The History of England, published in 1895.  The tag said $20.00, but he gave it to me for $15.00.  I’ve been reading it in small bits and pieces, and it was totally worth the money.


3 Responses to “My Antique Store Adventure”

  1. mediamugshot Says:

    I love going to antique/thrift stores and looking at books. You never know what you can find.

  2. спасибо большое было очень интересно прочитать

    • Thanks for reading. Do you read or speak English?

      Спасибо за чтение. Читаете ли Вы или говорите по-английски?

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