Just Like Old Times

My brother, with whom I used to be very close, has become a teenager.  As a teenager he’s never home, he’s always working or out with friends.  He even has a girlfriend now, what’s up with that?  Aren’t younger siblings supposed to stay children forever?

Anyway, it was long ago that I got over the fact that we’ve grown apart.  It happens.  It doesn’t mean we hate each other, but we both have our lives and that’s the way it should be.  There IS a six year difference between us after all.

Yesterday he came into my room, where I was lying in bed surfing the interwebs and told me some stuff that was bothering him.  Nothing major, just life stuff.  It was great.  It made me feel needed and like my opinion mattered to him…it’s silly I know, but they’re my feelings so deal with it.  It felt like old times.  Then, as a cherry on top of the sundae, he asked me if I could come with him to help pick out his tuxedo for his high school graduation. 

So I forced myself out of bed and away I went.  I felt awful the entire time and I paid for it for the rest of the day, but it was worth it.  It was awesome to be asked, and I think he picked out a really nice tux.  He got a black mandarin jacket and a matching vest and tie, and picked out a pair of leather round-toe capped shoes.

Details on the tux aside, the best part of the day was finding out that we hadn’t grown apart as much as I thought, and that’s very encouraging.


One Response to “Just Like Old Times”

  1. mediamugshot Says:

    Isn’t it cool that life throws us a little bit of sunshine every now and then? And isn’t it funny how the “sunniest” moments usually come from some of the smallest things?

    Time is the greatest thing we can spend. You spent it wisely!

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