50 Posts

Wow!  I just realized that I made it to 50 posts in this blog.

I don’t know how I filled all that space, but wow.  This has me really thinking, reviewing, considering…what I’ve written about.  A few days ago I was thinking about this blog with the opinion that I really don’t write about anything.  There’s no real weight to it.  Whatever fluff comes to mind is what ends up on the page and I didn’t know if that’s the best way to go about this.  When I started this I wanted to write about stuff that mattered, I wanted my blog to have substance.  So with all of those hopes and dreams for my blog what have I ended up with? 

I’ve discussed my past, my present, my issues, my illness, my interests and just my life in general.  So considering that, how could I think this blog has no real substance?  No real weight?  My conclusion is that I’m crazy.  If this stuff matters to me than why am I trivializing it?  Why would I think it’s just fluff. 

What matters most in this blog, and I think in any blog, is what the author thinks of it, and what the author puts into it.  I’m going to make a note to try and be more selfish about this blog.  What I mean by that is…I’m going to take into account that this means something to me and that’s important.  I’m still going to consider you guys when writing, but I’m going to start factoring myself in there too.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to 50 more posts!

Cheers!   –Cassie


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