Best Cake Ever

I found this cake of the Battlestar Galactica.  I think I’m in love.  Should I eat it or just stare at it?  Being a huge fan of BSG I was amazed at the details on this thing.  A great cake for a great show.

Spin up the FTL Drive. Prepare to jump to coordinates in 3...2...

I found this image at where you’ll find many more delicious items for the nerd in all of us.  I suggest you check it out.  It’s like the blog I wish I had thought of. 

I’ve been really wanting to watch BSG again, but my illness has so far prevented it.  This isn’t helping.  Also, I haven’t wanted cake this much since I played Portal for the first time.

EDIT:  You all may have noticed that I’ve tried a few times now to link someone, and the best I can do is give you a URL.  I’m currently accepting any and all tips on fixing that.  Thanks all!


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