Your Mom Will Hate This

EA has just launched a marketing campaign for Dead Space 2 entitled “Your Mom Will Hate This”.  You can see the footage on their YouTube channel here:

On the surface this is funny and a little clever, but it’s really not well thought out.

For one:  This game is rated M, and the campaign seems geared more towards jr. high kids.  What 18 year old is going to look to his or her mom for censorship on games?  Very few.  The only way anyone younger than 17 is going to get it is if their parents (or some other adult) get it for them.  I’m 23, I love my Mom, but I don’t care what she thinks of the video games I play.  I did a quick survey of the different comments showing up on the videos, the most positive comments all came from people under 18. 

For two:  Considering the flak games and gamers get for issues of gore and violence, is this really how we want our hobby marketed?  The ad itself is pushing all of the stereotypes we’re working to change.

For three:  This game is a pretty specific genre.  I know fulltime gamers who don’t enjoy horror games, they would have the same reaction.  The company specifically gathered up the grossest parts the game and forced it on these 200 women, anyone would be shocked at that.  Even for me, being a fan of the genre, seeing all of it at once was a little shocking.  The game has highs and lows, but they chose the most intense sequences available.  Of course this will be the reaction.

Also, if you look at the video for participant #0124, they told her it’s all based on a true story, probably causing her to lower her opinion.  It obviously wasn’t designed as an objective, realistic survey.  Biggest gore for biggest reaction.

Again, on the surface it looks pretty funny, but think about it.


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