The Hard vs. The Soft (Copy)

Well I finally got my own XBox 360, picked up this year’s holiday bundle that came with Forza 3 and Alan Wake.  I was very disappointed to discover that Alan Wake is only a downloadable copy, not that it kept me from buying the bundle anyway.  Before this I waited in line for my brother’s XBox, it was a great price, I saved and saved and I want to play my new games. 

I would love to play Alan Wake, but a downloadable copy does not work for me for many reasons. 

For one, I don’t have a reliable enough internet connection at home to justify getting XBox Live.  I’m not into XBox Live…It’s great and all, just not for me.  Not only that, with a connection as dodgy as mine, what guarantee do I have that it would even download properly?  I’ve read too many horror stories from people who tried to install this with a proper (Microsoft approved…oh Microsoft) connection to be overly optimistic about my chances.

For two, what’s wrong with a hard copy?  If something were to happen to my XBox or my (admittedly) non-existant XBL account then what?  I have to go pay full price again for a game I already own?  The restrictions in access are a strong deterrant.  I don’t have very much money, I often have to wait as it is for a price drop in games for me to afford them, the chances of me purchasing a second copy of a game I’ve already bought are slim to none.  I get that you want to protect your product, but what about the loyal customer who wants nothing more than to play the game?  But don’t even get me started on Microsoft’s customer relations.

A game is more than just a shiny disc (although I do love shiny things), to me it represents the gateway to a world created by someone far away and sold to me at a high price (Res 4 reference more than intentional), it sounds cheesy, I know…but my point is, why not just give me the hard copy that I’ve paid for?

So here I am with a useless piece of cardboard, and Forza 3.  I think I’ll just play some Brutal Legend instead. 


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