The Past: School Daze

Firstly, how do you like my totally original never been done before pun?  I’m particularly proud of it. 

From kindergarten until grade eight I was in a class with the same 19-21 people, with the only variation coming from two people leaving and then two people coming in.  I can still name everyone in the class and every teacher we had.

In this class was Alison, who I’ve mentioned, and Shauna, and a boy named Sam. 

I never really had many steady friends in these years.  Of course everyone more or less gets along in Kindergarten, but by grade one everyone was finding their friends in the group, and I never really seemed to find that.  Alison, Shauna and Sam were there, and we were friends in those years, but not best friends and not friends all the time.  For everyone else I was a friend when they were in a fight with their real friends.  A backup.

At the time I was ok with this.  Sure I was lonely sometimes, and it hurt when they made up with their friend the next day and spent the rest of the week making fun of me.  I knew I was just different. 

In the forth grade I started taking a performing arts class after school.  I found that I actually fit in, I met some lasting friends there.  This was like a separate part of life…another chapter that just happened to take place at the same time as my “regular” life.


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