The Past: The Early Years

Being the oldest child in my family, I had a lot of time with my mother when I was a toddler.  Our community had a program called “Play Group”, where parents could bring their young children (typically younger than five) and a laundry basket of their toys, set everything on the floor and let the kids do their thing.  I don’t remember much about this, just general playtime memories.  It was there though that I met Alison, but you’ll hear a lot about her later.

Later I went to pre-school, where I met large groups of kids and being under five, we all pretty much got along…of course we had our petty spats over who had the blue crayon first, but overall it was pretty good times.  This was the first place where I remember a division between boys and girls.  I honestly didn’t care if I was playing with a Barbie doll or a Transformers toy, but I learned in those early years that being a girl I wasn’t allowed to play with Transformers, or Batman toys, or Spiderman.  I also learned that pink was every girl’s favourite colour and blue was every boy’s…I also learned to rebel against these stereotypes.

In the year or so I spent at pre-school, and I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly how long it was, I rebelled against many of the things forced on me by the other kids at school, this brought about a lot of interactions with a boy named Devin.  Devin and I clashed over everything.  He had a very specific definition of girl and a very specific definition of boy, and you must stick to them, also I think he liked to bug me.  We liked to bug each other.  It’s not that I was trying to alter his belief system, I was just trying to keep myself from being pushed into one defined role at such an early age.  I wanted to define myself on my own.  Girls couldn’t play with cars?  But I had a car-guy dad, how could I not love cars?  Red was a boy’s colour?  But red was my favourite colour!  Those were interesting times in my development…and though to this day I love cars, especially the antique ones, I can’t seem to figure out if red was genuinely my favourite colour or if I just said it at the time to prod at Devin’s nerves a little bit.  😛

After that I left those kids behind forever as I went to kindergarten and started the next chapter of my life.  I never saw Devin again…for a few years anyway.


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