Cassie’s Day Out

What a crazy day.  I was awakened at 7:00 this morning by the construction crew tearing apart my neighbourhood, so I put on Futurama and took my remedies.  My grandparents took me and my Dad out for some Chinese food for lunch, then we went for a quick drive around the coast and then we went for a walk with my Aunt.

My grandmother gave me a new teacup, a dish that belonged to my great aunt and a small lockbox that belonged to my great grandmother.  I was thrilled!  I thought dinner was enough.

I’ve felt like crap all day, but I got through it.  The anxiety was really bad, and since I got home my head has been bad…but it’s ok.  An important point is I got out of the house and I survived it.  Not a bad birthday, not bad in the least. 

Now to lie down and hopefully get some sleep.

Cheers!    –Cassie


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