Friendship Repaired…?

So I got tired of seeing Harry online and not being able to talk to him…you recall (as discussed in the entries titled ….) that we had a fight.  I finally decided to just lay things out for him and wait for his reply. 

I told him how I wasn’t sorry for my opinions, or his.  I told him I wasn’t sorry for my reaction to his behaviour.  Along with that I told him what I am sorry for; one being my language, which I still can’t believe came out of my mouth, and the second thing, which I consider even more inportant, is that the arguement got in the way of our friendship.  I explained to him very clearly my feelings on all of this, made it so that he understood exactly what I was and was not sorry for.  Then I waited for his response.

All he said was: “I can deal with that.”  Then he started talking about the game he was playing.  Things were back to normal for him.

I’m happy that we’re friends again, I had already told him that I wanted to just go back to being friends…but I’m a little shocked at the short response.  Is he not sorry in the least?  What if I hadn’t said anything…would he have just continued on and forgotten that we were ever friends?  Although we’ve both just gone on as if nothing happened, these questions have been nagging at me.  I guess I just need a little more time to get over it.  Maybe the normalcy will help.



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