Vacation Stories: B12 is Big Stuff

So apparently I have a severe B12 deficiency, caused by a bacteria.  I could go into the bigger details, but I don’t know if it matters to you.  I’ll be completely fine at some point as long as I keep up with a pile of remedies.  For now I have to live with shakiness, muscle weakness, anxiety and digestive trouble.  Everything makes me nausious, but to be honest I’m a little too light headed to care.  My visiting friends leave in a few days and I’ve been in bed for most of it, but tonight I did feel well enough to walk around a little bit and visit.

They gave me a beautiful little marble bowl on a wooden stand and a necklace made of Tiger’s Eye, apparently it’s the stone of my star sign.  I wasn’t expecting a gift at all, I don’t know how to thank them.

It was a fine evening, despite the fact that I couldn’t see straight.  😛  I’m hoping to feel even better tomorrow, but until then I’m going to let this slow me down as little as possible.  I’m sick of being out of the game.

Good night all!  –Cassie


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