Countdown to Futurama

Futurama is a cartoon developed by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen that tells the story of one Philip J. Fry who is frozen in the year 1999 only to wake up 1000 years later.  He befriends a robot, a cyclops, a martian, a crustacean and a Jamaican; all of whom work for Fry’s 160 year old uncle.  Cancelled after only 72 episodes, the show has enjoyed a large following since being yanked off the air.  The following has been so good, in fact, that Fox approved four movie spin-offs which were all direct to DVD successes.  Futurama is getting another chance on TV, starting tomorrow.

Futurama is probably my favourite show.  I watch it everyday.  This show not only features robots and aliens, but it’s funny and asthetically pleasing.  Written by a large group of self-proclaimed nerds and geeks, it also features a huge number of incredibly obscure secret jokes, unknown to everyone but the geeks like me who privatly snicker and quietly savour the extra laugh.

So you’ll understand my saddness at the fact that it is not going to be airing in my area. 

It was my hope to support the show from the start by adding my part to the ratings, but it looks like I’ll have to either wait for the DVD or find it online. 

I highly recommend checking this show out.  I’ve played it for non-nerds and they’ve loved it, so no worries about getting lost…and again I say:  It’s such a great looking show, and so genuine.  As Billy West (yes, THE Billy West) says: “It’s got more layers than an onion.”

Anyway, I’m off to find a way to watch the show tomorrow!

Cheers!  –Cassie


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