My friend and I got into an argument.

It doesn’t matter what about, but he frustrated me.  He wasn’t listening to me, he quoted me out of context, he crushed my sentences together into rubble and then tried to throw them back at me.

I don’t mind an arguement if it’s kept civil.  I really think sometimes they’re healthy.  You get opinions out, de-stress, and learn something about yourself and your friend.  Just keep it civil.

I hate it when people twist my words….it’s one of my biggest “things”.  I tried for over an hour to reclarify and even explained that I felt he wasn’t quite understanding my meaning.  Each time I did this I tried to make my point.  He took my clarification as rudeness.  I was frustrated, but not really rude.

He decided to be rude “back” to teach me a lesson (he told me that straight up when I called him on it), and again I explained that he was misunderstanding me.

After more of this I snapped….  I’ve said a “bad word” maybe four times in my entire life, and three of those times I was quoting someone else.  I said more bad words tonight than I’ve ever said, ever.  It felt better for a second to finally let out that anger I built up over the battle…and careful reflection leads me to the conclusion that he deserved, even needed, a little harshness to know he was hurting me.  He didn’t deserve those words…I don’t like them used against me…so why did I do it?  I didn’t even know those words were in my basic vocabulary.

Up until then he was in the wrong, I know this.  It wasn’t his arguements that made him wrong, opinions are opinions and everyone is welcome to their own.  It was his lack of communication and disregard for me that made him wrong.  Now I’m the one who’s wrong.  It’s only about four minutes ago that I “finished” the fight and it’s clear to me that I am wrong…THAT’S how wrong I am.  I did that.



One Response to “Blinding”

  1. I personally don’t think you’re wrong, or in the wrong, I think you acted well. Over the top, maybe, but it was the only way you were going to get your point across, being calm about it was going to get nowhere slowly.

    So, smile, I’m sure he’ll forgive, and hopefuly understand his mistake.

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