Friends on the Side

It’s strange entering adulthood.  It seems like as a child you never stop.  You hang out at a friend’s house one day and have friends over to your house the next, then you have birthday parties and school.  Not to mention the dozens of clubs and lessons you have on the side. 

As an adult you’re just as busy, except now you spend your time working, studying and shopping for all of those things you can’t go without; food, clothes, toiletries…friends have to come after this or else you won’t squeak out a decent living.  You’re busy, they’re busy.  They become the side dish to your “work to make money” main dish on your life’s plate.

You’ll find that I disagree with this philosophy.  It’s not my aim in life to work 60 and 70 hours a week with the small hope that I might get a promotion when I can be happy and make my living where I am…but this is a story for another day.

It’s been months since I’ve really seen anyone.  two weeks ago I had a friend’s graduation party in which we spent most of our time talking to her various family members, we spent a few hours playing Bioshock another night, but it’s not like the old days when if you went a few days without seeing someone you noticed.  It’s not impossible these days to get together with your friends, but it’s not easy.


After all of this time hanging out on my own I start getting calls!  Now I have brunch at 11:30 tomorrow and then some geek time with some friends at 5:00.  So where have they all been since Christmas?  Where have we been that we haven’t even had time for dinner or a movie (let alone both)?

At least tomorrow will get Mom off of back about my “social life” for awhile. 




3 Responses to “Friends on the Side”

  1. Personally I’d rather make time for family and friends than work. When you always work towards some future goal you end up blowing by your entire life. The secret is in a happy medium…which can be tricky but is achievable.

  2. I agree with this! A few of my favorite overused cliches on this subject: Life is about the journey, not the destination. Don’t work towards being happy, *be* happy.

    Skip the middleman! If my goal is to eventually sit on a beach and drink mojitos for the rest of my life, why would I spend 40 years in a cubical in the midwest (or rainy Seattle, or crowded NYC) saving up money to do that? I should pack up shop, move to Belize and get a job doing something down there. When I’m not working my job I’m down on the beach drinking mojitos – mission accomplished!

    If only life were so simple, eh?

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