Towel Day and the Jedi Return

As pbandchuntney pointed out in a comment in yesterday’s entry, today marks the release of “Return of the Jedi”, another one of my favourite movies.  Star Wars as a whole is just such a great story, and the conclusion (which was released 27 years ago today) for me was just as epic as the beginning.  Twenty-Seven years.  Wow.

As I learned also, it’s Geek/Nerd Day.  Thank you biodork ( for that.  So pats on the backs of every nerd and geek out there.

Also, just to make the day triply nerdy, it’s Towel Day. (

Towels are important things, to be sure…but Towel Day is not just a celebration of the noble towel, but a commemoration of the life of Douglas Adams, a name I’m sure every nerd has at least heard of.

So, due to all of this, I hope you all have a nerdy, geeky day.  If you don’t, help your neighbourhood geek enrich theirs!


2 Responses to “Towel Day and the Jedi Return”

  1. Hey, I’ve got it together, I know where my towel is… 😉

  2.’s done it again! Incredible writing.

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