Oh Mother

I’ve been wracking my brain all day trying to figure out what to write for Mother’s Day.

A Mother can be so many things.  She can be blood, adopted, or just a figure in your life.  Traditional definitions just don’t cut it when discussing them.  To me a mother is simply a female figure who you can go to when you need help, who guides you and protects you, or doesn’t.  I realize that this covers some friends, but there’s a different bond with a mother figure, there’s a maternal connection that ties mother figure to child figure.

My Mom can be the most nosey, obnoxious, irritating person I’ve ever been in contact with.  She chooses weird times to say weird things and then wonders what my problem is, and then promptly forgets it even happened.

Despite all of this, I am so grateful that I have her.  She can be all of the above listed things at once, and then none of them in the passing of a breath.

I’m going through some strange transitions right now.  All my life I had a plan, and now I don’t.  My plans have all been flushed down a metaphorical toilet and I find myself lost.  She’s been nothing but supportive, making sure I know that I have her to fall back on while I shift my entire lifestyle.  Even though she’s the solitary provider for five people and a cat (that she’s not even fond of), she’s found time to reassure me about…me.

What about your mom, mother, ma, mommy, whatever!?  What’s she like? 

Thanks Moms!  Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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