Maybe Next Time…

Well…Iron Man 2 didn’t happen.  I gave the tickets away.

I bought the tickets weeks ago for my brother and I, but the night before he asked if a friend could come along, so I gave him the tickets to go with his friend.  Just the two of them.

I was fine with this until questioned on it…but I had my reasons!  What teenager wants his older sister tagging along?  If he would rather go with his friends, which he should, then who am I to stop him?  I would hate to go see the movie with him knowing he’d rather go with someone else.

Iron Man IS my favourite super hero, and I HAVE been waiting for this movie for months, but I can just go see it next week.  What’s another few days added to months?  It’ll be cheaper that way anyway. 

Instead, I rented “Defendor”…

It was a little more pensive than I expected, but that was not a bad thing at all.  I liked this movie a lot.  I may do a full review later, we’ll see.

Also, notice my first video post on this blog.  I’m really moving up in the world!


2 Responses to “Maybe Next Time…”

  1. valkorian Says:

    just a pointer…


    I mean granted, some kids get tired of their siblings/parents from time to time, but overall family first.

    While it was very VERY nice of you to give away your tickets, it’s still good to spend some family time, no?

    Still, the above movie looks BRILLIANT, and well done for getting it to work 🙂

    hope you can get some extra tickets for IM2 soon 😀


    • I agree, family IS greater than friends…but he’s in high school and is at that wierd stage where he doesn’t really know what to do with himself. Considering our age difference I thought maybe he’d like to be with a friend rather than a sibling.

      I admit, I was a little hurt at the time I wrote the blog, but I’m more or less over it. The fact that we see each other all the time (in a social setting, not just passing each other on the way to the bathroom) really helped that.

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