Review: The Passing

So after quite some time without internet on my gaming computer I’m finally up and running and can finally play the Left 4 Dead 2 DLC “The Passing”.

**If you’re anything like me you like to find out all kinds of stuff on your own, so be warned:  From here on in there are spoilers to spare.** 

The Passing features a new map; some new weapons, both melee and ranged; new zombie models; a new normal infected type; and even some familiar faces.

I really enjoyed this map.  It felt to me like the classic maps of the original game, which I loved.  Falling in between Dead Center and Dark Carnival, our four survivors have managed to escape the mall and find themselves stalled by a raised bridge.  Enter Zoey, token female of the first game, to tell them that while she COULD lower the bridge she won’t.  Our current survivors must make their way to the other side and run the generator.  Which, we discover, is only feet away from the people on the bridge.  Alrighty.

This storyline bothered me a little…How did Zoey GET there?  Why did she care so little about helping the others?  It’s not like she’s holed up in a safe place, she’s on top of a bridge.  Just to be clear, it’s random which original survivor you get…I happened to get Zoey my first play through.

The old characters (and indeed the new ones) don’t move as well as they used to.  They seem robotic and lifeless.  I was disappointed in that step backward in movement animation.

There are a few new features introduced in this update: There are now cache boxes, which contain a lot of any one item found in the game, be it temporary health or a throwable.  There are a few new weapons including a golf club, which I didn’t use but enjoyed anyway.  There are some new normal infected models, including wedding guests in fancy clothes and even a normal infected who carries stuff.

This new infected acts just like any normal infected, except for one detail…he will run up and start hitting you if disturbed, but as soon as you deal some damage he takes off, and boy is he a fast runner.  If you can kill him (and he seems to have some extra health) he drops a medkit, some temporary health, and a throwable.  I liked this idea, but he confused me.  He confused me mostly because he was given no reason for running, for a game that’s as well written as this I found that odd.

Overall, I think this is my favourite map in the second game.  That or Hard Rain.

I’ve rambled enough.  Iron Man 2 tomorrow!  Can’t wait!


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