Open the Floodgates

I had a fight with my sister.

This is nothing new, I assure you, and that one fight is part of a saga that I consider to be the worst aspect of my life…but the reason behind the fights is still a mystery I’ve yet to crack.

That aside, the thing that’s bothering me is my cool down.  Once I walked away from the argument I went straight to my room, as many do I’m sure, to work on it on my own.  At that moment my buddy Harry came online and asked me what was up…

I couldn’t stop myself.  I just started typing and I kept going until there was little left to say, when I realized I what I did I felt really bad.  Mainly, it’s not his business, it’s mine.  He was really nice about it, but he’s always nice.

I am such a mess this week.  I hope this is just a phase.

Anyway, May the Fourth be with you all!  😉


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