Action vs. Reaction

So I watched the new episode of Pure Pwnage (as referenced in my last entry) and it was a winner.  I’m more impressed with the tv series as each episode is released.

Among the characters in this series are Jeremy, the main character, and October, the main female.  She’s had an obvious interest in him since episode one, but that’s been (thankfully) downplayed in the past few episodes…he’s too into video games to even notice.

This ability to focus and find passion in one thing is always something that I’ve liked in many of my favourite characters.  I’m too curious and too untalented to find one thing that I’m really good at.  I’m ok at some stuff, and terrible at others…but I’ve never been amazing at anything.  I’m finding that the dribble they force on you in school about everyone being good at at least something is very untrue, but I’m not really bothered by it.  I’m strangely happy being average…but that doesn’t keep me from wondering.

Anyway, now that I’ve sufficiently sidetracked and made myself seem just a little pathetic, there was a scene in this episode that I found particularly surprising.  Jeremy is training for a tournament with October, and he touches her shoulder, just a little.  While the action itself wasn’t too out of character, my reaction was.  That one movement almost brought me to tears.  I was alone, but I still stifled my feelings and moved on…practice makes perfect afterall.

I didn’t expect that in the least.  I’ve never craved physical contact, in fact, I usually hate it.  My personal space is sacred and anyone who gets in it seems to get in the way.  I was never the touchy-feely type.  I suspect I was just tired.


One Response to “Action vs. Reaction”

  1. valkorian Says:

    In the end, everone needs physical contact.

    I know the feeling, as I am very much the same (though am still to get around to watching purepwnage, as guild wars (or rather the lack of it) is taking up my time), but we’re only human, even for myself, the occasional hug is what one needs, as we are, by genetics, a pack animal, and physical contact was how we used to communicate.

    I can understand your reaction, but it’s very interesting post… you seem to have a lot of them.

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