Today, after a long night of getting things done, I got up early to run some errands.  When I got home, I walked in the door to find my Dad heading out.  I was unexpectedly invited to a lunch with some of my extended relatives at a local pizza place.

I hate pizza, but like my family.  I went.

This place had a pizza buffet, which surprised me, but the crowd loved it.  I ordered fettucini alfredo with chicken.  It was seriously the best I’ve ever had!  It wasn’t just something ordered frozen and tossed in the microwave, I think they actually cooked it!  Amazing!

I chatted with my aunts and uncles about various things, some usual, some usual for my family.  We talked about school, the weather, building houses, and surgeries where they cut your skin and flip it open to work inside and then staple everything back together.  Fun stuff.

My young cousin, only two years old, is just putting hilariously cute sentences together and was having fun with that.  He got a lot of attention, which is par for the course when you’re two.

I had fun.  I just got a new teacup and saucer, so my grandmother and I talked about that for a few minutes.  Sometimes I think I’m 80.

I spent the rest of my day playing Bioshock 2.  I saw some hookers (in-game, duh!) and killed some guys.  It was fun.  After that I played some Halo: ODST.  Good times all around.

Seeing family and playing video games all in one day is a usual thing for me, but the two never meet.  I don’t think most of my extended family even knows I play games.  It’s not that I hide it, but it’s not like there’s a reason to bring it up.  They’re not interested, and though they would show interest and ask questions and get into discussions if I brought it up, I don’t really go there.  But why not?

I think it’s because I like living that sort of double life.  I like being able to shift from tea chat to shotguns all in one day.  The more I think about it, the less I think it’s something to question.  I think it’s something to cherish, it means I’m at least a little bit interesting.  At least interesting enough for me.  I also wonder how many of these separate lives I lead…these lifestyle shifts are probably common, me thinks….


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