Rise, Rapture, Rise

So I finally got a few minutes, make that hours, to start Bioshock 2.

I always like to make sure to have some time when starting a new game, I want to be sure that I really give it what it’s worth and don’t interrupt the process.  It takes time getting into a new game, getting the feel for the game play, the mechanics, and overall the story…and boy is this one a doozy.

I want to start by saying that I play this on XBox.  I may upset some fanboys by saying this, but I wish I could have played it on PC.  This game, its complexity in play and controls, was meant for PC, and unfortunately I don’t have the right computer for it.  I tried the first on PC and it was just a mess, so I’ve switched to the console.  One of the benefits of having both I guess.  The adaptation to XBox is pretty good though, and I’ll adjust.

That said, I’m enjoying my experience so far, but it’s been a bit of a trip getting there.

I’ve been very good about not comparing the second with the first, but the quirky controls and jumpy storytelling in the introduction made me wonder who wrote it.  The melee button and the fire buttons are in like completely different spaces, and I found healing inconvenient…which may have been a huge issue for me if it cost anything to respawn.  In the beginning, the story was bland, and even felt unoriginal, the main character was unrelatable and felt forced…  

 But as I continued playing and got more of a feel for the controls (which are still a little annoying) I really got into the story…and I’m getting there.  I even feel for the main character.  I feel like this is going to be a great story.

It takes off from the first game and plays simultaneously as a prologue and epilogue to the original story.  I won’t go into details incase anyone wants to play and hasn’t, so no worries about reading ahead. 

This will sound strange to anyone who has played the game, but it felt good to be back in Rapture.  Yes, it’s still leaking (as a city built on the ocean floor it’s a surprise that its people were surprised when THAT started), and the locals are crazier than ever, but it’s an atmosphere that I relate to.  I love that art deco, 40s feel, and I love record players and propaganda and I love that the men wear suits and the women wear pearls.  I love that you can see fish swimming by every window.  Rapture’s is a story that just thrills and intrigues me.

I’m almost finished my second (yeah, that’s right) playthrough of the first, so I’ll be gushing about that later I’m sure…but for now, I’m heading to the train to see more of Rapture.


2 Responses to “Rise, Rapture, Rise”

  1. Taleslinger Says:

    Rapture as an environment is really well-made. From idea to execution, it feels like a living breathing place while still being firmly locked away in fantasy due to the sheer impossibilities of it’s existence according to how things work in the real world.

    It’s funny how you remark on how people shouldn’t be surprised about Rapture leaking and yet in countries which frequently have tsunamis and floods, you still find people making homes around the beach. People are tenacious and try to bend the world to their vision, the citizens of Rapture were essentially chosen for this headstrong trait and just go to extremes with it. In Rand’s book, which Bioshock was loosely based off, they form a city in a cluster of mountains with a camouflaged top. I guess the developers didn’t think that was believable or particularly interesting today 🙂

    I can see why a lot of people feel the first was superior to the second, but I think the sequel has its moments. If nothing else, it managed to do a good job recreating the same ambience and the art book that came with the collector’s edition was almost worth the price of admission alone. The posters, games and the soundtrack(s) were all icing on the cake.

    • Agreed. The special edition is totally worth it…and you’re right, the citizens of Rapture are idealistic to say the least.

      I guess the player is the only one not surprised. 😛

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